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ABM-bijeenkomst “Protesten in Libanon” met Elia Barsoum op 31 jan. 2020


verslag Protesten in Libanon

Wat we in Nederland over het Midden-Oosten horen gaat vooral over Syrië en Irak, Iran en Soedi-Arabië en Israël en Palestina. Bij de opvang van vluchtelingen in deze regio gaat alle aandacht uit naar Turkije en bij de recente straatprotesten worden ook vooral de protesten in Irak gelicht. Libanon staat veel minder of zelfs helemaal niet in de schijnwerper. En dat terwijl het land in verhouding tot de eigen bevolking veel meer Syrische en Iraakse vluchtelingen opvangt dan Turkije en er over de straatprotesten in Libanon eigenlijk veel meer te vertellen valt dan over die in Irak. Al met al reden voor de Aramese Beweging voor Mensenrechten (ABM) om deze bijeenkomst te organiseren met haar “man in Beiroet”, Elia Barsoum. Tijdens de Libanese Burgeroorlog in de jaren ’80 van de vorige eeuw verbleef Elia in Enschede waar hij aan de UT studeerde en later ook werkte om rond 2000 weer naar zijn vaderland terug te keren. Hij komt echter nog regelmatig in Enschede en meestal organiseert ABM dan een bijeen­komst als deze om de Aramese achterban en andere Enschedeërs te informeren over de ontwikkelingen in dit land dat zo systematisch in de schaduw van het nieuws staat.Related: example of envy consuming a character in beowulf, roy rogers daughter confirm the truth about him, helloid granbury isd, buck fiddy net worth, is looking at a woman a sin catholic, top 10 worst tornadoes in america, lenco stone picker for sale, is maggie and shanti related to diana and roma, weaving schools in norway, whose was that pretty ring in spanish duolingo, millwall academy open trials, inmate classification vg3, is david alan grier related to pam grier, do you salute warrant officers marines, norristown high school shooting,Related: white doberman pinscher puppy, lakers revenue breakdown, what is chondro positive in cattle, charter boats for scattering ashes, cyberlink powerdvd 21 ultra crack, 374 main street, medford, ma 02155, mary steenburgen photographic memory, rooted juice tacoma, washington, avc art auction australia, western dental cancel contract, msg event level suite entrance, late ki three forms of verb, jenni rivera house long beach, ca, duluth brewing and malting, woodson community center,Related: secret military base in alaska, national harbor new years eve 2022 fireworks, what does it mean when a woman is frigid, allo vs spectrum, star trek fleet command orion corvette blueprints, pat o’connor obituary, ashford international to port lympne, brisbane bands 2000s, donald blythe obituary, press enterprise fictitious business name, chcl3 intermolecular forces, wimbledon scoreboard explained, cook county cemetery records, emory nursing dress code, savannah crtc lodging,Related: thomas spero obituary, tcs car lease policy, she has a boyfriend or she have a boyfriend, cartoon character with buck teeth and glasses, ohio state women’s lacrosse coach email, diane ladd oxygen on chesapeake shores, am i demiromantic or aromantic quiz, nolan reimold wife, jogee: not the end of a legal saga but the start of one, cornell daily decision parking, what authority cannot issue a medical waiver for the physical readiness test, royal caribbean cruise account, connie baker obituary, detroit tigers announcers, simple handrail for garage steps,Related: dd 1049 form, former wsmv reporters, rochdale grooming case, republic of ireland vs scotland tickets, sarwat william news anchor biography, baylor women’s basketball assistant coaches, north avenue dining hall hours, jordyn seiden obituary, halimbawa ng situational code switching, brian ray garden of life net worth, do the braves announcers travel with the team, honeywell thermostat flashing battery icon, oakland county board of trustees, fci greenville famous inmates, stoke porter blues,Related: speed limit construction zone no workers present, peters township school district employment, seacoast grace church singers, scioto hall uc floor plan, kyw news radio personalities, our injury situation mlb the show 20, darryl strawberry wife, yorkshire carp syndicate, luxury fashion brands in vietnam, pubbelly butter crab roll calories, athenahealth patient portal login, rosie scott hemingway, sc obituary, alcohol sales in new mexico on sunday, nameerror: name ‘flatten’ is not defined, politics and the social order art theme,